Stranger at the Gate

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Paddy's first solo CD, recorded in 1998, features a few of his own compositions, including "The Foxhunters' Chorus," "The March of the Gaelic Order," "Tiny the Trooper," and "The Girls of Knocknagow." With piano accompaniment by Dáithí Sproule, and a special guest appearance by Paddy's wife, Erin Hart, singing "The Wounded Hussar," with accompaniment by Karen Andersen.


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“Imagine riding in a schoolbus with a bunch of teenagers returning late at night from a game—and the driver decides to floor the gas pedal while descending a hill on a winding road in rural New England. (This is a personal recollection that I bring to mind). That's the best analogy I can think of the momentum Paddy's music seems to have—a mixture of glee, sheer joy, excitement, terror, and wonder all combined into one. I don't play the button accordion, but I would assume that O'Brien is one of the primary inspirations to people that do. Or should be.” — Amazon customer review

Track List

  1. The Mountain Meadow / The Highlander Who Kissed His Granny
  2. The Trip to Sligo / Dáithí Sproule's
  3. The Coachman's Whip / The Foxhunters' Chorus
  4. Lady Lyle / Liz Carroll's
  5. Stranger at the Gate / Miss Ratray
  6. The Wounded Hussar
  7. Miss Hutton / Miss Johnson of Pitworth
  8. Jimmy Powers' Favorite / The Luck of the Toss
  9. Paddy Fahy's / Miss Patterson's Slippers
  10. The Traveler's Reel / The Bird's Nest
  11. John Brady's / Garrett Barry's
  12. Colonel Rodney / The Reel of Bogie
  13. The Golden Eagle / Ed Reavey's Reel
  14. The Lament for Eoin Rua / The March of the Gaelic Order
  15. Dr. Gilbert's Wife / Gus Dolan's Reel
  16. Tiny the Trooper / The Girls of Knocknagow
  17. The Miller of Draughin / The Humours of Castlefin
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