What the Critics Say About Paddy...

Bill Margeson, Irish Music Magazine:

“The music. Button box wizard Paddy O’Brien gets it. Really gets it. ‘What I like in a musician now,’ states Paddy, ‘is the one who plays the nicest tune, even more than the technical musicianship.’ In that one sentence the legendary Offaly-born button box player encapsulates a life spent in the center and soul of Irish music. And that center is the music itself. Not the current fashion. Not the current ‘hot’ group. Not ‘the buzz.’ The music. Period. Full stop.”

Sally Sommers Smith, Irish Music Magazine (about CHULRUA):

“In its recalling of past masters, in its thoughtful and well-crafted performances, this recording is at once a wakeup call and a reminder of the things that matter in Irish traditional music.”

Eileen McCabe, independent music critic:

“This man’s playing caused a silent stir... and his latest release ‘Mixing The Punch’ expresses the very same vibe … that of enjoying the moment of every note played through the dextrous fingers of an esteemed musician.”

The Celtic Society of Monterey Bay, CA:

“Paddy’s scholarship also comes through in concerts which are greatly enhanced by his lively stories of tune name origins and yarns about the people from whom (he) collected the tunes. It would be remiss, though, to neglect to mention that Paddy made his reputation through his playing, having the ability to distill the dreams, tragedy, and romance of Ireland, and pour them out in full measure through his accordion.”

The Boston Irish Reporter (about CHULRUA):

“Their playing together is stellar; it’s like listening to a conversation between old friends…”

Tom Clancy, Irish Music Magazine (about CHULRUA):

“There’s something beautifully pristine about the music on this recording—it leaps into life every time. O’Brien has an unyielding respect, even reverence, for the melody. He insists that you hear it in its purest, most memorable form.”

The Irish Edition (about CHULRUA):

“Students of the music, masters of their instruments, these three fit together with a tightness and perfection to be envied.”

Philadelphia Folk Song Society (about CHULRUA):

“Their striking and skillful approach to their music is a fitting match to their deep love and understanding of the material and culture it represents. If you are a fan of the real Irish dance tune, this will be a vital addition to your collection.”

Dirty Linen:

“A must for Celtophiles!”

The Irish Voice:

“Among the many great performances given at the festival, a set from fiddler Tommy Peoples and button accordionist Paddy O’Brien stood out for sheer virtuosity and true traditional musicality.”

Ireland Sunday Tribune (about CHULRUA):

“…terrifically crisp and clear unison music.”

Paddy O'Brien
Paddy O'Brien - photo © Bob Kessler
The Road from Castlebarnagh by Paddy O'Brien
The Paddy O'Brien Tune Collection