Paddy O’Brien Tune Collection Concert & Celebration

POBTC Concert 2013-10-04 posterGet your tickets now for the October 4 concert featuring Paddy and his amazing apprentices from the Center for Irish Music and O’Rourke’s Feast. This concert is the culmination of the project that began last year, when Paddy received a Folk & Traditional Arts Grant from the Minnesota State Arts Board to work on Volume Three of the Paddy O’Brien Tune Collection, and to work with local apprentices, teaching them some of the rare and unusual tunes he’s collected over the past sixty years.

The concert is set for October 4 at Celtic Junction, 836 Prior Avenue North in Saint Paul – that’s just north of Menards on University and Prior, for those who have not been to Celtic Junction before.

The concert will start at 7:30 pm, and feature two sets, the first with Center for Irish Music apprentices, and the second with O’Rourke’s Feast. The evening will have a loose, house-party feel, with potluck refreshments, and Paddy talking a little about the process of doing the apprenticeship with the participants, as well as the process of working on the Tune Collection.

Just click on this link to order your tickets online!