The Singing Kettle

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Chulrua’s long-awaited third recording, featuring Paddy O’Brien on button accordion, Patrick Ourceau on fiddle, and Pat Egan on guitar and vocals.


“In its recalling of past masters, in its thoughtful and well-crafted performances, this recording is at once a wakeup call and a reminder of the things that matter in Irish traditional music.” Sally K. Sommers Smith, Irish Music Magazine

“Their playing together is stellar; it’s like listening to a conversation between old friends…” Susan Gedutis Lindsay, The Boston Irish Reporter

  1. Reels: Hughie Travers / John Byrth’s / Boil the Breakfast Early
  2. Jigs: Wellington’s Advance / The Gander at the Pratie Hole
  3. Reels: Jimmy McGettrick’s / The Master’s Return
  4. Song: The Ballad of Capel Street
  5. Reels: The Meeting Place / The Wild Irishman / The Ivy Leaf
  6. Reels (fiddle solo): The Singing Kettle / Gooseberry Fair
  7. Reels: Drowsy Maggie / The Steeplechase
  8. Song: Asha Asha
  9. Hornpipe/reel (accordion solo): The Drunken Sailor / The Gatehouse Maid 1
  10. Reels: Tommy Coen’s
  11. Jigs: The Kerfunten / Gallant Tipperary
  12. Song: Ashfields in Brine
  13. Reels: Eddie Moloney’s / Roll Her on the Mountain
  14. Jigs: Scully Casey’s / The Rookery / The Yellow Wattle
  15. Reels: The Golden Wedding / Paddy Murphy’s Wife
  16. Song: Bridget Flynn
  17. Reels: Jimmy McGettrick’s / The Morning Dew
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