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A 2-CD collection featuring the best of Ceoltóirí Laighean. Founder Éamon de Buitléar was an important member of Seán Ó Riada's pioneering and enormously influential group, Ceoltóirí Chualann. Among their members were some of the very finest individual performers of Irish traditional music and song. But they are even more important as a group, for the ideal they represent, blending their talents in the lively expression of a noble tradition. With Paddy O’Brien, John Kelly, James Kelly, Paddy Glackin, Mary Bergin, Micheál Crehan, Michael Gavin, Éamon de Buitléar and many others...


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From the Claddagh Records website:

Anyone with an interest in the Darwinian aspects of traditional music will welcome this reissue of two seminal recordings from 1973 and 1975: The Crooked Road and the widely influential The Star Of Munster . Founder Éamon de Buitléar drew John Kelly, James Kelly, Paddy Glackin, Paddy O’Brien and Mary Bergin to the fold and invited, as guest, the late Cúl Aodha singer, Diarmuid Ó Suilleabháin. Ceoltóirí Laighean’s shared aspiration was to integrate our music, language and song into a cohesive whole. Original recordings from 1973 and 1975, this is a digital remaster from 2010.

The first CD (The Crooked Road) is a live recording of a 1973 concert held in UCD to support Scoil Dhún Chaoin, the Gaeltacht school then threatened with closure. In that year also, Paddy Glackin became All-Ireland fiddle champion at the Fleadh Cheoil. The second CD (Star of Munster) was recorded two years later and shows the develop-ment of the group's ensemble-playing. The famous Munster and Jacobite anthem 'Mo Ghile Mear' is sung here by Diarmuid Ó Súilleabháin.

Two of the players, Éamon de Buitléar and John Kelly, had been in Seán Ó Riada's Ceoltóirí Chualann and de Buitléar's group had a similar style of instrumentation and also used lead singers. The full lineup was as follows: Éamon de Buitléar, John Kelly, James Kelly, Mary Bergin, Paddy Glackin, Paddy O'Brien, Michael Crehan, Michael Gavin, Micheál Ó hAlmhain, Peter Phelan, and Aibhlín McCrann. Diarmuid Ó Súilleabháin and Seán Ó Liatháin were the singers.

Track List

Album One - The Crooked Road

  1. Reels:  The Crooked Road / The Duke of Leinster's Wife
  2. Harp Tune: A Fine Toast to Hewlett
  3. Double Jig:  Sixpenny Money
  4. Song:  Mathair mo Cheile (My Mother-in-Law)
  5. Reels:  Sporting Nell / Lucky in Love
  6. SlowAir:  Sean O' Duibhir a' Ghleanna (John O'Dwyer of the Glen)
  7. Harp Tune:  Murtagh McCann
  8. Song:  De Bheatha-sa, a Pheaiti!  (God Welcome You, Paddy!)
  9. Reel:  The Morning Dew
  10. Song:  Amhran an Steaimpi  (Song of the Stampy)
  11. Reel:  The Gravel Walks
  12. Harp Tune:  O Love, Lie Beside Me

Album 2 - The Star of Munster

  1. Polkas:  Cnoc na gClarach, Bainis Cnoc na gClara
  2. Reel:  Miko Russell's Ashplant
  3. Song:  Mo Ghile Mear
  4. Song:  An Cgruach Tobac
  5. Harp Tunes:  Carraig an Aoibhnis, An Speic Seoigheach
  6. Slow Air & Reel:  An tSean Bhean Bhocht
  7. Set Dance:  Gairdin na Noimini (The Garden of Daisies)
  8. Jig:  Port Thom Bhilly
  9. Reel:  Realt na Mumhan (The Star of Munster)
  10. Slide:  Sleamhnan Inis Cathaigh
  11. Song, Airs & Reel:  Dha Ghabhairin Bhui
  12. Jig:  Dinny Delaney's



John Kelly, James Kelly & Paddy Glackin - Fiddles

Mary Bergin, Michael Crehan & Michael Gavin - Flute & Whistle

Michael O' hAlmhain - Flute, Whistle & Uilleann Pipes

Peter Phelan - Uilleann Pipes

Aileen McCrann - Harp

Paddy O'Brien - Accordion

Éamon de Buitléar - Bodhran & Accordion

Sean O'Liathain - Vocals

Diarmuid O' Suilleabhain - Vocals

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